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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Jones Act Case

If you work as a seaman and were injured at sea, you have a right to file for compensation under the Jones Act. However, doing the wrong things can lead to costly mistakes. Find out what you should and should not do during your case.

Actions to Avoid After Your Boat Accident

  • Hiring an attorney who’s unfamiliar with maritime law and Jones Act law— When it comes to lawyers, one size doesn’t fit all. There are different kinds of lawyers with different skill sets. When you speak with a law firm, ask how much of their business comes from maritime law cases.
  • Failing to report the injury soon enough — You should report an injury and file a boating accident report as soon as the injury occurs. Though you may be eager to finish out the hitch so that you’re fully compensated, working with an injury can make it even worse and can impact your ability to recoup benefits.
  • Signing papers after your boat accident injury — If your employer asks you to sign any documents other than your accident report, don’t. Speak with a Houston maritime lawyer first.

If you are a seaman and were involved in an injury at sea, you need legal advice right away to avoid making mistakes. Contact a New Orleans Jones Act lawyer from The Young Firm today at 866-701-8647 and request your free publications: Employee’s Guide to Maritime Injury Law and 6 Secrets Your Company May Not Tell You When You Get Injured Offshore.

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